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MATCHING Australian Cypress Flooring

FACTS for Customers Who Want to Match Existing Australian Cypress flooring with Our Flooring

"I need more Australian Cypress flooring, BUT…"
We get plenty of calls and emails from people who have bought other suppliers' Australian Cypress (including the vendors of Bellawood Australian Cypress flooring) and now want more, but it is no longer available… and people have been told a variety of confusing things about buying Australian Cypress flooring anywhere else.

So let's clear some of this up and help you in the process.

We Specialize
We've specialized in Australian Cypress for over 30 years. It isn’t just one of hundreds of types of wood for us. We're Aussies and we actually care about it. You also get a wealth of knowledge and expertise when you buy Australian Cypress flooring from us.

Supply isn't limited…

We’ve heard from some customers that former suppliers of Australian Cypress flooring told them that they aren’t carrying it because of limited supply of Australian Cypress. Huh??😁! We have plenty.

Just to clarify: As this map shows, we have our own independent Australian Cypress supply.
We have plenty of high quality Australian Cypress sourced from a different forest in a different Australian state from, for example, Bellawoods’ former supplier. The locality of our source forest is indicated in purple on the map and Bellawood's former supplier's in brown.

Image: Map of Our Australian Cypress source. © All rights reserved.

The wood per se is comparable. It is the same species, growing in similar conditions. We continue to rely entirely on our own raw material.

We've never had a relationship with
Bellawood's former Australian-side supplier of Australian Cypress, which was based in Gunnedah, NSW, and recently closed due to regulatory conditions in NSW, Australia.

Quality Wood and Process
We supply only Select Tight Knot (STK) Australian Cypress in the U.S. This is the highest quality you can get anywhere, here or in Australia. We’ve never carried "seconds", cabin grade or any other such marketing ploys used by quite a number of other companies in the U.S. market.

Our milling and finishing also are part of why we think our flooring is superior because we use a different mill and finishing company. To start with, our Australian Cypress that is destined to become PRE-finished flooring is meticulously dried BEFORE finishing,
and our finishing process has a couple of extra steps that others out there don’t do in their finishing process, so that the final result of our pre-finished flooring is a lovely smooth surface. We are convinced our Australian Cypress flooring is superior 💎 👑.

Go Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! ©2018. All rights reserved (and don't even think about copying this article without permission. Really. Don't).

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